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In keeping with the theme - 'Commonality & Diversity in Southeast Asian Housing; Search for New Identity' - the content of this Forum is broadly divided into 3 sub-themes namely Vernacular House, Modern Housing Typologies and Housing Marketing of Southeast Asia. Range of subjects within the sub-themes is listed in the table below:

Sub-theme 1:

Vernacular Houses
 in Southeast Asia

Sub-theme 2:

Modern Housing Typologies
in Southeast Asia

Sub-theme 3:

Housing Marketing
in Southeast Asia


Focus on the diversity of the city area rather than the rural area in the region.

l  Environment:
Climate and condition of the place, locality and the region

l  Culture and Typology:
Different culture makes different house types. Typology can be a convenient tool for mutual understanding.

l  Space Organization:
The way of dividing spaces and the needs and purpose for having the divided spaces.

l  Forms and Techniques:
Form is the physical embodiment of the culture. Form affects behavior and the way of life. Techniques are modifying factor for forms.

l  Production:
The ways the houses are constructed and the stages of their assembly process.

l  Symbolism and Tradition :
Symbolism and tradition that bear cultural and religious connotation.

l  Modern Vernacular:
How the vernacular survived in the modern era?


The typologies of modern housing in SEA can be classified into 2 categories; ‘Transformation of

 Traditional Houses’ and ‘Modern Urban Houses’

l  History of Urban & Housing

- Modernization Process

- Establishment of Early Towns
Development of Modern Cities
  (or Capital Cities)
New Town Development

l  Changing Cultural Context:
Issues and challenges influencing and affecting the changing needs and demands for quality housing

l  Historical Typologies formulated
from Transformation of Traditional Housing

- Shophouses
Bungalows (Villars)

l  Modern Urban Housing Typology:
- Types and variation of modern
   houses and urban housing
Medium and high density dwelling 
   for community living in and within
   urban context.
Housing layout pattern and the way
   house units are plan and designed


Discuss the prospect of housing market based upon policy, demand and supply. Please focus on the practical aspect from the view of a developer.

l  Housing Policy:
Housing development plan, new town plan, public housing plan, target housing supply per annum, financial policy including interest rate and loan to value ratio.

l  Housing Demand:
Number of household trend, population trend, per capita income trend, mortgage rate, loan to value ratio, property price to income, house ownership ratio

l  Housing Supply:
Housing supply historical data and forecast. Housing diffusion ratio historical trend and forecast, # of house builders in tier 1, 2, 3 and 4; Name of major house builders, how developers secure land,

l  Prospects for Future Market:
property price historical trend and prospects; housing type of consumer preference,

l  Case Studies:
Representative New Town Development Projects in the region

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