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Commonality & Diversity in Southeast Asian Housing: A Search for New Identity

Aspects of commonality within the Southeast Asian dwelling culture can generally be seen in the way geographical, climatic, and historical contexts is taken care and physically interpreted in the form of housing as an artifact cultural intensity. The presence of ancient Eastern cultural belief and practices is apparent in many cultures and places in the region mainly rooted in the culture of rice cultivation and the water world of sea, coastal and riverine. On the other hand, ethnic and religious diversities allow each country and region to shape its own unique houses and housing culture. Various foreign influences originated from the West added another layer of complexity within sub-ethnic cultural assimilation. Cross-cultural research involving individuals and group of researchers within the Southeast Asia countries is highly valued out of which possibilities for cross learning, sharing of idea, and future collaboration may emerge. The prime objectives of this Forum are:

to establish a long term collaborative learning
to provide a platform for information sharing
to discuss emerging issues and challenges
to enhance academic undertaking on housing studies in Southeast Asia.

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